About Dr. Gominak

I am a retired neurologist seeking to share my patient observations about medicine and neurological problems with patients and clinicians.

The Purpose of this Website

This site is not to encourage you to treat yourself without a clinician. This site is intended to share my ideas to help you understand more about neurological problems and potential solutions.

Seeking Answers

Many common sleep disorders, headaches/migraines, and other neurological conditions are linked to sleep. The information on this website is continually reviewed and updated, so you can be sure you are reading my most current ideas.

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Suffering from a sleep condition, headaches, or migraines?
Feel like you have tried it all and haven't found a solution?

Read how my research and ideas have helped others:

Dr. Joel Gould, DDS

“Dr. Gominak’s work has changed my life, as well as the lives of my patients. As a dentist, and a sufferer of sleep apnea, I have been Vitamin D deficient my whole life. I finally have the answers no one had. Thank you!”

Mette H., 24 years old

"Tiredness, inability to concentrate, poor sleep, aching joints, acne, and irritable bowel syndrome... Because of the information that you provided about Vitamin D (and also Vitamin B)... today the symptoms I listed above have all disappeared and I'm a changed person....you have done me the greatest of favors."

Justin C., 33 years old

"I suffered from daytime drowsiness and poor sleep for over half my life and frustrated that I wasn't getting definitive medical answers. Correcting my vitamin D and B levels was the solution. I have never felt better."

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