About Dr. Gominak

I am a neurologist practicing in
Tyler, Texas, seeking to share my observations about medicine and neurology with my patients, those searching for answers, and other fellow physicians.

The Purpose of this Website

This site is not to encourage you to treat yourself without a doctor. This site is intended to share my ideas to help you understand more about neurological problems and potential solutions.

Seeking Answers

Many common sleep disorders, headaches/migraines, and other neurological conditions are linked to sleep. The information on this website is continually reviewed and updated, so you can be sure you are reading my most current ideas.

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Justin C., 32 years old

"I suffered from daytime drowsiness over half my life and frustrated that I wasn't getting definitive medical answers. Correcting my vitamin D and B levels worked. I have never felt better."

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Rachel K., 39 years old

"After trying countless migraine medicines and seeking second... third opinions, I was frustrated with the lack of results and never felt I was getting to the root of my migraine problem. I am happy to say that this is no longer the case, and I owe it to Dr. Gominak."

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